Who do we follow up with?Β 

Once you have weight loss surgery and you move or your surgeon leaves you may be on your own! 


The complete run-around!Β 

So most know that I had weight loss surgery and that I as trying to get my sleeve revised. Well I took some time off to try and see if I could get my health insurance to pay for it. Well after several months of NO I finally gave up!. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina said because I wasn’t compliant and had no complications that I didn’t qualify. LOL! Now there is a story to my “noncompliance”. See I live in Birmingham Alabama and had to travel to Mobile Alabama for surgery back in 2011. Once you have surgery from one surgeon, no one else will touch you! I am completely disgusted with this rule and no matter how hard I try to wrap my mind around it I just can’t. My surgeon left the hospital about a year after my surgery and I have been on my own every since then. I have not had any labs drawn since 2012!!! Yes you read that right! I have severe GERD and literally never dropped from the 300’s since surgery. I started at 412 and although I have not really gained weight, I’m not losing anymore. I feel stuck with a surgery that no longer works for me. My tool is such a disappointment! I’m still battling Type 2 diabetes,hypertension and PCOS. I’m trying to lose weight on my own at this point. πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ€”πŸ‘Š 

Weight Loss Surgery Does Work! ( If you apply all the time and work!)

So just recently I got a glimpse at Mrs. Mama June! I must say that she looks beautiful! I hope that she knows what an amazing gift she has received. This woman got weight loss surgery for FREE as well as plastics….. for FREE! Now I will say that weight loss surgery only works if you do the work and work your tool. NO it is not the easy way out and no it’s not easy to make the decision to have holes drilled into your stomach. Do you have any idea what really goes into the process before surgery? Well either Google it or STFU! Let’s not talk about the gas pains from them pumping you up with air to see your insides….πŸ˜’πŸ˜₯ we have to expel that gas and it’s beyond painful. So today I just wanted to show that if you want it bad enough you can achieve the look you want. Congratulations Mama June!

Dying to Live

With so many men, women and children being obese we shouldn’t be surprised why weight loss surgery is the go to. Did you know there are people out here dying to live, did you? Well they are and the numbers are going to continue to climb. See everyone is not just eating junk…. there are some who have severe medical issues. I remember being on a site Obesityhelp.com and they had a memorial for those who died….. waiting to get approved. There were also some who never made it from the hospital. I don’t know the reasons but it is very important to be very compliant before and after surgery. Because doctors like to judge and force feed medications people are getting desperate and literally dying to live! Only consider weight loss surgery if you have truly exhausted every other avenue! 

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Internet Bullying!

Ok so I was scrolling down my timeline on Fakebook and saw a post by Zane….The amazing author. She posted something about a obese woman who was made fun of and memes were made of her falling in a store. Well I was not surprised to see how bad women went in on her. I did my part and tried to let them know that every obese person does not eat junk all day. Well I pissed off this one female so she blocked me! Now just about every person has more than one Fakebook page but I decided not to log into my “petty” page. Yes, I have a petty page. πŸ˜‚ Β She informed me about me. She said I was never obese and I’m still not lol! Wait, WTF?!? Well at 5’10 and 325.8 the scale and the stupid ass BMI chart determined my ass is obese. She talking about obese people being pathetic and nasty but I asked her one question. What if people talked about you being Bipolar. Simply question but she blocked me. See, I like to ruffle feathers and if you get in your funky feelings that means I have done my job! I’m noticing a lot of online bullying but I nor anyone I can defend will ever be a victim. What made me sad was the majority of the people talking was women! As women I’m so disappointed in how we treat each other. We have enough going on without dragging our sisters through the mud. Well since I was never obese….. these pictures must be of some imaginary ass person.Β 

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Former Fatties!

There is nothing more sad than a person who knows the struggle of being obese and they flip one they have lost weight. I was once “friends” with a former fatty. She had the gastric bypass and I had the gastric sleeve. She got mad and told me how fat I still was and that I failed my surgery. The sad thing was that she didn’t hurt my feelings because I know what reflecting is. She was really miserable in her own single ass life while my fat ass is happily married. Now I’m not throwing shade but I’m still fat and I’m OK! I’m in a group on Facebook and I once saw a female that was talking ish about people who had weight loss surgery on her Facebook page. She said she would never do that lazy shit! Oh so why are you in this group though? I screenshot her post and shared it in the group. Long story short, I haven’t seen her in the group in 2 years! Remember where you started you may end up there again. 

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